About 80% of our production run quantities are in the low to moderate range, with a casting weight of 50-500 lbs. The remaining 20% are both smaller and larger castings, with a maximum weight of about 1000 lbs.

We use the phenolic urethane chemically bonded (no-bake) process to produce our molds and cores. Our smaller castings are typically run using matchplate patterns with a non-automated system. Our midsize castings our typically run using cope and drag patterns with a semi-automated carousel molding system. This system accepts pattern sizes as large as 30 x 40 inches. Mold depths can be as much as 15/15 inches. Our largest castings are run using floor molding techniques. We have produced molds as large as 30 x 100 inches. Pattern material can be metal, urethane, or wood. We can also use Styrofoam patterns for prototype or repair parts. As all of our molds are produced flaskless, accommodating odd sized castings is easy.

We also offer on site stress relief annealing.